9 Great Things to Do Indoors on a Snow Day

There’s more to do than just watching the snow fall!

Staying warm inside on a snow day

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Winter means snow. Sometimes it means a lot of snow with travel advisories and days off of work. But snow days are snow problem.

Instead of sitting around getting cabin fever, you can change snow days into me days and use this time to do something for yourself. If you are home alone or with your significant other, there is a myriad of things you can do.  Here are nine useful ways to spend your time.

Binge Watch TV

Are there TV shows that you want to see but just don’t have the time? Or movies that you missed or wish to rewatch old favorites? Snow days are perfect for catching up, according to The Chicago Tribune. You can binge watch your favorite show solo or with your partner. Pop some popcorn and enjoy.

Watching TV on a snow day.

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Bake up a Storm

Keep busy and keep warm in the kitchen by baking up a storm. You can bake quick breads or cookies to enjoy with hot cocoa while you watch the snow coming down outside. It’s also a good time to do some cooking. A bubbling pot of soup or chili will warm you from the inside out.

Baking will keep you warm.

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Dig Out Games

Snow days are the perfect time to dig out some games. Pull out Scrabble or board games like Settlers of Caton.  You can play card games like Uno or a deck of cards to play poker. If you are home alone, you can play a game on your computer or smartphone.

Playing board games on a snow day.

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Get Your Body Moving

Get your blood pumping by doing an exercise routine. A blog on Psychology Today recommends that you put on a workout video and use the time to get fit. If you are into yoga, take out your mat and practice some poses by yourself or with a partner.

Exercise when you are stuck indoors.

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Be Creative

Are you into crafts? This is the perfect time to finish the sweater you are knitting or embroidery project that was tucked away. Get your creative juices flowing and make a wreath, build a birdhouse, paint a picture, or do some adult coloring.

Do crafts on snow days.

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Feel Balanced

Go within and find your center through meditation. Whether you do guided meditation from an app, use mantras or color mandalas, there is something for everyone.  Meditation will leave you feeling calmer and ready to brave the cold and snow when the storm has passed.     

Meditate on a snow day to feel less stressed.

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Get Organized

Take the time to get organized. The Chicago Tribune suggests that you pick one area and focus on that. It could be your bedroom closet, your pantry, or even reorganizing your bookcase. You can also choose to do some cleaning and make your kitchen or bathroom spic and span. You will really feel that you accomplished something on this bonus day.

Do something you have been putting off.

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Read a Good Book

Snow days are great for reading. Whether you are reading books in your to read pile or re-reading old favorites, settle down on a comfy couch, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and let your imagination soar with a good book.

Set yourself free in a book.

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Create a Spa Day

Indulge in some self-care and create your own home spa day, recommends the organization AARP. All you need are some scented candles, bubble bath or salts, and some relaxing musk. You can make a DIY mask and give yourself a facial. Indulge in a relaxing self-massage and turn a snow day into a me day.

Do a home spa day.

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