Use These 9 Uplifting Words to Inspire Kindness

Create positivity in life with these enriching words.

A group of friends talking and laughing.

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Words are powerful. They are a window of expression to our outside world and can be used constructively to uplift others. Need a word boost? The English language is rich with a life-affirming vocabulary, so use a few more beautiful words to bring light into the world.

Having a positive outlook on the world can actually cultivate kindness. Using upbeat, enriching words may help to reframe your language and spread positivity. Here are nine English words that may help to spread love. Relish them!


Lexicographer Susie Dent told The Conversation that language shapes beliefs.  On a mission to resuscitate life-affirming words, she selected the word biophilia. Meaning the love of life, this word is most often used by psychoanalysts.

Psychology Today also connects this word to communing with the natural world. You can practice biophilia by stepping outside and appreciating nature. Put on your hat and coat, then head out for an uplifting biophilic walk.

A woman running through snow in a forest is experiencing biophilia.

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This is another favorite of Susie Dent. Mesology is the scientific enquiry of attaining happiness, according to The Conversation. While you are on your biophilic walk, contemplate how you personally attain happiness. Just having these positive thoughts is transformative!


This word, according to Parade, describes someone who believes that all things are for the good. This is optimism at its best. Practicing agathism may lead to a healthier, calmer life. Yes, that glass is half full!

A woman embraces life, smiling with arms wide open.

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This beautiful, old-fashioned word deserves a comeback. It means glad or willing to do something, according to the site When asked to take out the garbage, smile and say you would fain do it!


This word, with its French origins, is as exquisite as it sounds. And it means exquisite!! Refined and rare, food connoisseurs may enjoy using recherché when talking about special ingredients and tastes.

A chef appreciates using olive oil.

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Another favorite from Parade, this word means having good perception and judgment. An enterprising word, using gumptious to praise a fellow worker will elicit positive feelings and a smile!


Here is an ideal word for a cold winter’s day. Snuggery is a small room or place that is the ultimate in cozy, according to the site Become a Writer Today. Sip on a hot herbal tea and be enveloped by a soft blanket as you relax in your snuggery.

Elements of a snuggery: a warm blanket, a cuddly lap dog, and a steaming cafe au lait.

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A philosophical word, eudaimonia describes the condition of living well. Aristotle explained that this is the highest human good. As everyone has their own special positive traits, you too can practice eudaimonia by developing your own special and unique gift. This is called flourishing.


Do you enjoy having friends over? You are a xenial person, according to Parade. This also refers to hosting people from other places, describes, an online dictionary. When you meet someone who is new in the community, practice kindness; be xenial and invite them for a recherché meal!

Having friends over, especially newcomers, is xenial.

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