How to Cleanse Negative Energy

Restore balance in your life by cleansing negative energy


Use crystals and smudging to cleanse.

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Energy is all around you, from your thoughts to your emotions and even your environment. While many sources can influence your energy, you have the power to control it. Whether it’s unblocking negative thought patterns or purifying your home, there are tools to help you cleanse negative energy away. 

You can define negative energy as an energy that hinders your emotional, mental, and physical well-being, according to WebMD. This can manifest through negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even other people's energy. You may also feel anxious for no reason, have difficulty focusing on tasks, or feel like a presence has blocked your energy.

But do not despair, negative energy can be cleansed and doing so has many benefits, according to Yoga Basics. It can help you feel more balanced and connected with yourself and your environment. It may also improve your physical health as it creates a feeling of calmness and helps you to focus on what’s important. 

To achieve balance and harmony in your life, you must clear away negative energy. You can use a variety of methods to remove negative energy. Check out these top cleansing negative energy techniques to revitalize the mind, body, and soul. 

Mindful Meditation

Meditation reduces negative emotions and cleanses negative energy, according to verywell mind. Best of all, you can practice anywhere, anytime. (So long as you're not driving!) 

Take some time each day to sit quietly and focus on your breath. Allow yourself to embrace the present moment and observe any thoughts that come up. It's important to practice non-judgment and non-attachment here. You can restore balance and clarity in your mind by clearing away any negative energies.

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Visualization Meditation

Using visualization as a form of meditation can also help you cleanse negative energy. Using white light meditation, you can discover your innate ability to heal. To begin, simply imagine a white light surrounding your body. Visualize that light filling your entire body with positive energy. As the positivity rises, watch the negativity slowly fade away. 

Use visualization to cleanse

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Crystal Clearing

Energy-clearing stones like black tourmaline also act as tools for cleansing negative energy, according to Yoga Journal. This crystal has the power to heal as well as act as a spiritual protector. By blocking negative energy from one person toward another, it prevents any negative energy from reaching you. 

You can incorporate  black tourmaline l into your meditations to cleanse negative energy. Holding the crystal in your hand, focus on what negativity you wish to release. Such as negative thoughts, anxious feelings, or toxic relationships.

Crystals can help you cleanse.

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Smudging Your Home

Cleansing your home with sage or palo santo can help you to rid it of negative energy. Known as smudging, this technique involves burning sage or palo santo, as mindbodygreen explains. 

Start by identifying specific areas where you feel the most negative energy. Perhaps a particular room in your home or even a specific corner of the room. Once you have identified the area, you can begin to cleanse it by setting an intention. 

Afterward, light your herb of choice to clear the energy with the smoke. You should always follow a clockwise direction, allowing the gentle smoke to rise through each corner of the room. By opening all the windows, the negative energy has a gateway out of your home and far, far away from you.

Combine smudging and crystals to cleanse negative energy.

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